Meet the Team: Michael Trimble

Meet Michael Trimble, a Reservation Agent and our resident heated situation whisperer. “He can calm anyone down. He has a gift,” says Mel Hignell, White Spider CEO. He has just turned 31 years old, and was born without arms due to Chernobyl. “I use my feet for hands just as you use yours. I have worked most of my young life doing customer service. Mel hired me in late September and I could not be happier. Before that I worked for A Better Oregon and Direct Action Partners on political campaigns as I do have a BA in Political science from Duquesne University. I worked for Uber from home for a year before they laid me off. Before them I worked for Sprint from home. I am no stranger to working remotely and love the atmosphere Mel has created in her company.” This is a video the Pittsburgh Post Gazette did on Michael back in 2013 because it was not everyday a young man without arms was riding a bike:

Michael cutting his hair: